Theme imageLondon 1893.

Soon, yet another century has passed, and the British Empire is seemingly standing strong. However, under the surface of society, small cracks has began to emerge.

The age of the freethinker is approaching, and while influences from the four corners of the world are arriving at great speed at the London Docks, the uncomfortable londonite is seeking tranquility in a Limehouse opium cellar. His precious society is threatened by oriental hedonism and the free spirited americans.

Some however are adapting quite nicely, and allows themselves to keep an open mind while still adapting customs and civil behaviour. The open minds are attracting knowledge from mankinds history, and stands firm as a contrast to the age of reason.

There are many names for God.
A story always has more to it.
Out of sight isnt the same as out of mind.

Some stories are so old, that they imprint their words and meanings upon society several times through history.
The free thinking mind is drawn as magnets towards them.

These freethinkers are the real threat towards the British Empire
These people are the cracks in the facade.

Cracks in the Facade

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