Corbitts Journal

Excerpts from Corbitts Journal. Also included are detailed instructions on how to “Manifest the Hunter who, once Satisfied, Fades.”, and “Keep the Flesh from Wearing through the Vigors of Mortal Time”.

corbitt_journal_1.jpgMarch the Twelfth, 1778
A tome was found while digging up ye subjects. Perusing this text promises a studious practitioner the opportunity to converse with a most powerful and wise being not of this world. While I remain apprehensive, I must knowe what secrets lie in this long-forgotten volume.

September the Eighth, 1778
The time is right. Months spent deciphering the meanings and intricacies of this folio have finally shown their worth.

September the Ninth, 1778
Last night will forever be printed upon my mind. At the clock’s ring of midnight, my closest colleagues and I set forth upon calling what I hereafter refer to as the Dark Man. The ritual called for the blood of 3 willing individuals, spilled by the same blade. I am, as of yet, unable to remove the stain of our shared sacrifice from this blade.

After reciting the words written in the book we discovered some 6 months ago, I was faced with an overwhelming sense of dread. I presume that my colleagues had similar trepidations, but I dared not speak. In the center of our circle, the Dark Man appeared from coagulating shadows. His mere presence caused Amelie Hooper, wife of Benjamin, to pass out. As quickly as the Dark Man arrived, he had vanished back into the lightless void from which he appeared. I must contact him again.

December the Fourteenth, 1778
My colleagues now see me as their prophet. I lead them in worship for Our Lord Granter of Secrets. If the public were to learn of this tome, or of our weekly ceremonies, they would surely try to kill us all. We must keep our knowledge secret for now.

corbitt_journal_3.jpgFebruary the Twenty Second, 1791
Our Lord Granter of Secrets has revealed to me the process to become a pure spirit, seemingly still though freely moving through space and time. I will become immortal and command my own loyal subjects.

November the Twenty Third, 1805
Henry Webber has recently built a house on 20 Sheafe Street. As it is a short walk from the Church, I wish to possess the estate. I pray that our Dark Lord will provide me with the means to remove Mr. Webber from his home.

November the Thirtieth, 1805
The Granter of Secrets has answered my wishes. Henry Webber has fallen ill, which I am certain he will not recover from. I write this as I leave to purchase the deed to 20 Sheafe Street.

March the thirteenth, 1817
The Chapel of Contemplation is growing in number. Amongst our new members is Daniel Ellsworth and his son Peter. Daniel is head of the City Council. His influence is sure to be invaluable in the future. Also we have been converting various outcasts and vagrants willing to perform menial and abhorrent duties. I pray that the Granter of Secrets is pleased.

July the Tenth, 1818
The Dark Man has finally returned, this time with a promise for more power. He tells me that there is a long forgotten shrine to him in Devonshire, some 30 miles from Exeter. I plan to leave with a small group of men by the Thirteenth.

corbitt_journal_2.jpgDecember the Eighth, 1821
Our Granter of Secrets has revealed to me a ritual that will manifest “the hunter who, once satisfied, fades.” My dagger, which spilt the blood of myself and 2 others to first summon Our Lord, must be used again, this time drawing a diamond in the sky while reciting “Evocant Venator”. I will copy my notes on the summoning of this foul creature into this journal.

March the Twelfth, 1822
It has been forty-four years since I first discovered the ancient tome that has led me to such great power. Fittingly, it is on this day that I have discovered “Rigor Vitae”. Upon first study, Rigor Vitae appears to be a method to keep flesh from wearing through the vigors of mortal time. I suspect, though, that it may also be used as protection in the unlikely event that peril may strike me.

May the Twenty Fifth, 1823
Those ignorant fools! If they knew who I was, they wouldn’t dare speak a disparaging word in my direction, let alone file a lawsuit against me.

May the Nineteenth, 1836
The Chapel is going splendidly. Most followers are so faithful that I rarely need to make an example. Very few times, however, I have forced a follower to Obey his Master’s Will. After only four stern commands was I able to turn the false rev. Michael Thomas to my cause.

June the Twentieth, 1836
I reach the end of this life. Many of my peers look at this moment with fear and anguish. Not I! For I know that soon I will cross the threshold to everlasting life and power! I am sending my will to rev. Thomas. I am certain he will lead the other in serving me for eons to come. I mustn’t tarry, for the beginning of my transformation is at hand.

Corbitts Journal

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