The Tibetan Lot

Unsellable rubbish


Containing various ritual equipment from Tibet and 6 handwritten books.

Image Legend:
2 Kangling’s – 1 Kapala
1 Phurba – 1 Domra
1 Damaru 1 Vajra and 1 Drilbu

Most of these items were found to be of newer age, and probably smuggled from Tibet to India where they was sold to British tourists. The books are written in Tibetan glyphs, but no translator has been found yet. Books is not common in Tibet, where most writing are still done on parchment.


Bought by Gordon Gibson by a man that could have been Malcolm McDonell, an explorer of the East. McDonnel died on the very same night as the transaction took place, with a one way ticket to America in his pocket. Gibson immediately sold 2 of the books two a dubious figure called Byron McLothbury for 10£. The rest of the lot now resides in the storeroom of Gibson’s Bygone’s

The Tibetan Lot

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